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Amazing Ribs at Old Crow Smokehouse @ Pacific City

So the other day I went to Old Crow Smokehouse
here’s their website→Old crow

It’s a fantastic rib joint
located in a charming little mall called Pacific City
in Huntington Beach.
I really liked the mall
when I went there last time.
Really cozy, and you can spend a whole day there,
especially with that rib joint right there!

As expected, the place was packed!
Everyone was waiting for their ribs,
of course.

I went with my friend Rin-chan.
We were a little bummed
because we couldn’t order a lot
with just the two of us.

Started off the evening
with a Margarita!
Ribs! Ribs! Ribs!
As we waited for our ribs…

Rin-chan starts taking something out of her purse.

What is it?
Hold on…
Is that…!?

So as we waited,
I autographed my own album for her friend Sean,

Sean, I hope you get this soon.
I autographed it with all my heart for you!
And thank you for all your support!

After 15 minutes,
we get our appetizers.
Crispy fried pickled okra!
Ordered it because I’d never had it before.
They were REALLY good.
Especially the crispy batter around them.

Next up is fried spring rolls.
Crispy on the outside,
juicy on the inside,
with a ton of chicken and veggies.

And finally here it is!
Pork baby back ribs!

The joint is famous for slow-smoking all kinds of meat,
from beef, pork, and chicken to sausages.
You can pick your own sauces and seasonings, too,
hot or sweet.

It’s huge for just the two of us,
but it tastes amazing.
Great smoky flavor and super juicy meat.
No wonder this place is so hot right now

There were 3 kinds of sauces as well!
Of course I tried them all.
But at the end,
they all got mixed up
and it tasted a little funny.

That was amazing!


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