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Kohmi's Music Diary

Now I’m thinking while practicing the piano.

Recently, I’ve been busy practicing the piano for long hours. Because on my concerts from the end of November, I’ll be playing the piano while singing. Th…

Kohmi's Music Diary

Jalapeño Margarita

As you may know, I love margarita very much. Maybe more than champagne, I may like margarita more, Even though I said that I love champagne the most. Either way…

Kohmi's Music Diary

It’s Too Early for Christmas.

What about Japan?
Do your favorite stores already sell Christmas goods?
Can you hear to Christmas songs in the streets?

Kohmi's Music Diary

How is everyone?

Now I am back in Hawaii.
And I have been preparing for the winter tour since last week.
So, automatically, I have started updating my English blog, too.
Please continue to check my English blog!

Kohmi's Music Diary

Even though it was Sunday…

It was an unsatisfying Sunday. Let me tell you about it. In fact, On that day, I had an appointment to go shopping and have dinner with my friend. It’s be…

Kohmi's Music Diary

Drunk A Whole Bottle Of Tequila!!

I drank the whole bottle of tequila because now it’s in the middle of the summer. Everybody got to be thirsty and needs something fresh. What about Margar…

Kohmi's Music Diary

Copy Is Important

This week’s dance lesson was over. In the lesson, I showed Kumi-sensei my homework dance part. Kumi-sensei told me to move slowly because my movement was …

Kohmi's Music Diary

I’m Sorry I’m Late

I screwed up! It was late when I noticed it. But please let me confess here about it. That day, my friend and I had an appointment at 5 PM. Somehow I misunderst…

Kohmi's Music Diary

All American Eggs Started Putting the “US”Stamp.

All American Eggs Started Putting the “US”Stamp.

Kohmi's Music Diary

Challenging a Pull Up!!

Hey, everyone! Look at my trainer’s nice pull up! She is my amazing trainer who I admire, and her muscles are so beautiful. Don’t you think so? Every time I see…

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