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May 10, 2017

Elephant’s ankles and swimmer’s body

Kohmi Bettei 2017 Vol.10 〜Sing with a piano LIVE

◆12/2 (Sat.)Kawagoe town「AiAihole」(Mie Prefecture)
◆12/19(Tue.)Kamogawakan(Chiba Prefecture)

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Getting more fit
and building my strength foundation
The week is already half over!
Time goes by so fast!

I went to the gym for the second time this week.

Since last month
I began going to the gym three times a week.
I’ve been working especially hard to build ankle strength
because ever since I can remember
I’ve always had weak ankles.
So I trip easily.

Good balance is important for becoming more fit,
and strong ankles are a must-have for that.

So today I worked my ankles again.

Elephant ankles
During my workout,
my trainer was like,
“If you keep working out hard like this,
you’ll get thicker ankles!”

And I was like, “Yeah, that’s totally fine.”

But then I tried imagining my ankles getting thicker.
And thicker. And thicker.
Will I eventually have ankles like an elephant’s? Lol

When you want a change,
I think you should go all the way and shoot
for a radical change.
So bring it on,
I’ll get elephant ankles all right!

At the least,
I’ll keep training till my ankles have the stability
of an elephant, though!

Swimmer’s Body
You know how swimmers have that beautiful V-shaped body? I want that!


Well, my other goal is to work on my back muscles for singing.

Yes, for singing. Because when you sing, you actually use muscles all over your back—spine, lower back, and shoulder blades. Because I want to boost my singing performance, working on my back is super important.

Then my trainer tells me
swimming is a great way to increase my back
strength and endurance.

Now, I don’t dislike swimming,
but it takes time to dry myself
and I was afraid of catching a cold,
and so I’ve been avoiding it.
And it’s also a hassle to get into a swimsuit.

But there’s no choice this time!
I just have to trust my trainer and do as he says.

To sing better, I need a swimmer’s body! Lol.
That means I have to go buy a swimsuit!

Elephant’s ankles and swimmer’s body
Uh, so, can you imagine me with an elephant’s ankles
and swimmer’s body?

It’s hilarious.
Can’t stop laughing about it.


On the next autumn tour,
get ready to be amazed—by my transformation!


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