Special Music Education from 5 years old

Hirose Kohmi was born in Wakayama prefecture and moved shortly thereafter to Osaka she attended elementary school, after graduating elementary school Hirose Kohmi moved to Fukuoka.
She was enrolled in special education program gifted children of music from five years old and she wanted to be a composer. She learned and practiced the piano, electone, and composition from a very young age. She studied at Fukuoka Jo Gakuin Junior High School and then at the high school of Music. After graduating high school Hirose Kohmi attended Kunitachi College of Music majoring in music composition.

Aim to the composer

During her time at university, she traveled frequently between Japan to Los Angeles and training under Seth Riggs, who was a voice trainer for Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and Whitney Houston. After she graduated Kunitachi College of Music she aimed to be a composer.

Debut as a singer in Japan

Hirose Kohmi composed and produced a demo recording in Los Angeles CA and was chosen by many record labels as they scrambled to get her to sign her to a recording contract. Victor successfully signed her and she made her debut in 1992. Her “energetic voice” was well known in the music industry thereafter from that year.
Her first single album “Ai ga areba daijobu” and second single album “Romance no kamisama” (sold 1,750,000 copies)”, other big hits were “Gerende ga tokeruhodo koishitai” as well as “promise”. Hirose Kohmi's best-selling album “The best LOVE WINTERS” (Sold 2,400,000 copies) was a big hit. Her nick name is “Queen of the Winter”, since most of her hit recordings have been released during the winter season.

First concert was at 2002

A decade after her debut in 2002 her first Japan tour was very successful and a fantastic performance at Nihon-Budokan earned her the status of Japanese outstanding vocalist of the 2002.


Composed many music from debut

From the launch of her career Hirose Kohmi has performed a vocalist, as a composer, a songwriter, and music director and has won are praise from both domestic and foreign groups.


Based in Los Angeles

Hirose Kohmi is now based in Los Angeles recording and from LA performing concerts all over the world. She is also contributing music writer to the Los Angeles magazine "LALALA".


Established Hirose Kohmi music school

Hirose Kohmi established the Hirose Kohmi music school in 1999 and serves as the principal of the school and she actively involved in the method of teaching music hands on. She has enabled the school to develop its own unique method for voice training and vocal lessons.
She is instructor to honor students, as well as visiting professor, at Fukuoka Jo Gakuin, her alma mater.


Started herself concert “Khomi Bettei” from 2008

Since 2008, she has been performing “ Khomi Bettei” tours, and in 2017, for nine years. She says that ‘it is difficult for me to perform solo, it is a way to be very close with the audience during performances. I am always very nervous but enjoy it too.' The quality of performances has been upgraded by her enormous talent.


Hobby SNS

In July 2009, she started a life-style blog on her official site. At the same time, she opened a twitter account, and from the twitter exchanges a new musical idea was born. During a live concert “Twitter Concert”, she brought a PC and a Mobile device for tweeting with her audiences, real time, and for the first time, it was an instant success and twitter concerts continue to provide topics and be successful.


NHK: Do Raku for the second straight year

From October of 2012, NHK launched a regular program called Do Raku: "Anybody can sing well with Hirose Khomi" and from her teaching and speaking talent and skill demonstrated during the show, Nippon broadcast, NHK, launched another program titled "Music with Komi Hirose"


2013 All Night Nippon Gold

From her success on TV, she has become a personality of the "All Night Nippon Gold".
It was a live program and she, with the skill she has, fit right into the cast and role.


The first essay published

In December 2014, her first book “Zettai Onkan No Do Re Mi chan” was published. Essays about her childhood music training, experience, and how to be a musician, composer, and singer and distress of the person who has a perfect pitch.


Deployment of the Concert at Canada and L.A.

In April 2015, she played with the Vancouver Metropolitan orchestra led by the world famous conductor Mr. Ken Che.
In May 2015, she hosted part of the highly successful live radio broadcast “All Night Nippon GOLD” and it was a first live broadcast from overseas.
In March 2017, she will have her first concert in Los Angeles.


Busy winter

She performs every year from November through December and Hirose Khomi solo live tour “Komi “Bettei” in addition to the solo tour, she will do a Japan Tour with the band and multiple media appearances.


Future outlook

Based in Los Angeles California she will continue to exercise her talent as musician acceding more and more heights as HIROSE KOHMI.



July 1992
[CD] Debut album Bingo!
December 1992
[CD] First single Ai ga areba daijobu (major hit with 150,000 copies sold)
December 1993
[CD] Third release Romance no Kamisama (major hit with 175,000 copies sold)
November 1998
[CD] Best hits album THE BEST “Love Winters” released. Double-million seller, with 2.4 million copies sold. In addition to her own solo work, Kohmi Hirose begins writing songs for other artists, as well as serving as musical director and producer for TV dramas, musicals, and movies.
October 1999
[Music School] Kohmi Hirose founds DoDream (presently Kohmi Hirose Music School) for individuals aspiring to become professional singers.
[Live Performance] First concert tour since her debut, Kohmi Hirose performs at eight locations throughout Japan, including Nippon Budokan, Rainbow Hall, and Osaka-jo Hall.
[Musical Composition] Writing songs for artists throughout Asia (Korea, Taiwan, etc.), Kohmi Hirose-penned songs hit No.1 on the charts in Korea (song written for MC THE MAX, etc.).
February 2006
[Live Performance] Kohmi Hirose sings with and directs the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra at the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall. She writes the orchestral arrangements as well.
February 2008
[Live Performance] Kohmi Hirose performs a concert tour Kohmi Bettei. The concert consists solely of vocal/piano and acapella performances. Kohmi Bettei performed annually ever since.
July 2009
Kohmi Hirose launches her blog, Kokoro torokeru ongaku no jikan
August 2009
Kohmi Hirose starts Twitter account @kohmi
May 2010
[Online] Kohmi Channel launches channel Ustream streaming service. Start of the Ustream Friday Kohmi broadcast.
April 2011
[Radio] Launch of weekly (Wednesdays, 22:00 to 23:55) radio program All Night Nippon GOLD (Nippon Broadcasting System).
[Online] Online-only release of charity song Egao no Megamisama on April 22.
[Publication] Kohmi Hirose publishes her first book, Kyo kara uta ga umaku naru! Hirose Kohmi no Utaikata Kyōshitsu (April 16)
June 2011
[Online] One-year anniversary highlights from Friday Kohmi, Friday Kohmi 1st Year Compilation released online only on June 24; launch of official YouTube channel.
[School] First Kohmi Hirose Music School Open Vocal Lesson (June 11)
July 2011
[School] Second Kohmi Hirose Music School Open Vocal Lesson (July 23)
July/August 2011
[Live Performance] Performances at Blue Note Live (Blue Note Nagoya July 12-13; Billboard Osaka August 27; Blue Note Tokyo August 29)
October 2011
[School] Third Kohmi Hirose Music School Open Vocal Lesson (October 15)
November 2011
[CD] 20th anniversary albums SINGLE COLLECTION and LOVE X'mas go on sale (November 23)
December 2011
[Live Performance] Live performances of Kohmi Bettei (vocal/piano, acapella only) in Niikappu (December 5), Kanazawa (December 9), and Fukui (December 10)
December 2011
[Event] The Kohmi Hirose Choir performs at 2011@Harajuku Quest Hotel (December 17)
December 2011
[Live Performance] Kohmi Hirose performs a series of dinner shows at the Kushiro Prince Hotel (December 4), Rihga Royal Osaka (December 22), and Shinagawa Garden City (December 24)
January 2012
[School] Fourth Kohmi Hirose Music School Open Vocal Lesson (January 21)
January – March 2012
[Live Performance] AlpenGroup Presents Kohmi Hirose: 20th ANNIVERSARY TOUR 2012 Happy & Smile ~Super Best Selection~ concerts performed at Zepp Tokyo (January 7), Zepp Nagoya (January 28), and Zepp Osaka (March 3)
June-July 2012
[Live Performance] 20th Anniversary Summer Session Super Vocalization ~sings world classics~ concerts, performed at Billboard Live Tokyo (June 16), Blue Note Nagoya June 29/30, and Billboard Live Osaka (July 13/14)
July 2012
[Event] The Kohmi Hirose Choir performs at 2012@Harajuku Quest Hall (July 22)
July 2012
[Online] Kohmi Hirose releases friends, 20th anniversary performance available only through iTunes (released July 30)
October 2012
[Television] Kohmi Hirose appears in an eight-part series Shumi Doraku Dare demo uta ha umaku naru! ~Hirose Kohmi no bokaru ressun~ on NHK E-tele (weekly, 21:30 to 21:55)
February 2013
[Live Performance] AlpenGroup Presents Kohmi Hirose Concert Tour 2013 And.Love.Again.
April 2013
[Radio] Start of Kohmi Hirose Music With on Nippon Broadcasting System
June 2013
[Live Performance] Kohmi Hirose Summer Live 2013 The Vocal Unlimited Vol.3
February 2014
[Live Performance] AlpenGroup Presents Kohmi Hirose Concert Tour 2014 Sutoreeto ni suki to iou
June 2014
[Live Performance] Kohmi Hirose Summer Live 2014 Vocal Unlimited Vol.4
November – December 2014
[Live Performance] Kohmi Bettei Japan Tour Kohmi Bettei Christmas Concert
December 2014
[Publication] Kohmi Hirose publishes Zettai Onkan No Do Re Mi chan
December 2014
[CD] Release of Winter High!!~Best Of Kohmi's Party~
January 2015
[Live Performance] AlpenGroup Presents Kohmi Hirose Concert Tour 2015 Winter High!! ~Best Of Kohmi's Party 2015~
April 2015
[Live Performance] Kohmi Hirose performs overseas in the Sakura Benefit Concert with the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra under the musical direction and principal conductor Kenneth Hsieh
May 2015
[Radio] Overseas broadcast of All Night Nippon GOLD (Nippon Broadcasting System)
June 2015
[Live Performance] SUMMER TOUR 2015 Vocal Unlimited Vol.5
November-December 2015
[Live Performance] Kohmi Bettei Japan Tour Kohmi Bettei Christmas Concert
January 2016
[DVD] Kohmi Hirose Concert Tour 2015 Winter High!! ~Best Of Kohmi's Party 2015~ released
January-February 2016
[Live Performance] AlpenGroup Presents Kohmi Hirose Concert Tour 2016 ~Deai no kiseki wo taisetsu ni~
July 2016
[Live Performance] Kohmi Hirose Summer Live 2016 Vocal Unlimited Vol.6
November 2016
[CD] 25th anniversary album 25th Play list (November 2)
November – December 2016
[Live Performance] Kohmi Bettei 2016 Vol.9 ~Sing where playing the piano Live performance~
January - February 2017
[Live Performance] AlpenGroup Presents Kohmi Hirose 25th debut anniversary winter tour 2017 ~ Play list wo douzo
March 2017
[Live Performance] Kohmi Hirose 25th debut anniversary winter tour 2017 ~ Play list wo douzo Performed in Los Angeles
September 2017
[Live Performance] Kohmi Hirose AUTUMN TOUR 2017 ~Vocal Unlimited vol.7~
November – December 2017
[Live Performance] Kohmi Bettei 2017 Vol.10 ~Sing where playing the piano Live performance~
January - February 2018
[Live Performance] Kohmi Hirose Concert Tour 2018 「OTONA Hirose Style e Yokoso」