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Kohmi Club Membership Benefits

  1. Benefit 1 Priority for concert tickets (fall tour/winter tour only)

    As a Kohmi Club member, you’re the first in line to reserve concert tickets.
    You also have access to the best seats, set aside just for Club members, giving you an even more exciting concert experience.

  2. Benefit 2 Photos with Kohmi Hirose

    Every Club member attending the winter concert can have their picture taken with Kohmi after the concert.
    This opportunity is for Club members only. Only Club members presenting their membership card can preserve their concert memories by taking a picture with Kohmi.

  3. Benefit 3 Special gift for concert attendees (fall tour/winter tour only)

    Club members presenting their membership cards at selected concerts will receive a special gift.

  4. Benefit 4 Personal email and video messages from Kohmi.

    Club members receive special messages from Kohmi Hirose.
    These messages are a chance to see a side of Kohmi you can’t see at concerts or other public appearances.
    Receive messages by email or video from Kohmi Hirose herself.

  5. Benefit 5 Semi-Annual Magazine

    Twice annually, Kohmi Club members receive a magazine filled with Kohmi Hirose news and updates.
    The magazine includes articles written by Kohmi herself, as well as behind-the-scenes reports from concerts, exclusive photographs available to Club members only, and much more fun content.

  6. Benefit 6 Original Christmas Card

    Look forward to receiving a special, members-only Christmas card.
    This card is sure to be an inspiring Christmas message from Kohmi to you during the holiday season.

*Benefits are subject to change.

Kohmi Club New Member Registration


Admission Fee:¥1,000 or $10.00 or 10,00€ or £10
Membership Fee(annual):¥4,000 or $40.00 or 38,00€ or £36

How to Register
  1. Agree to the Membership Terms, and then register as a new user via the form below.
  2. You will receive a welcome email from the Kohmi Club Office.
  3. Follow the instructions in the email to pay your membership fees.
  4. Once payment has been received, you will be issued your own personal Kohmi Club Membership Card.
  5. Congratulations! You’re an official member of the Kohmi Club.
  6. Enjoy your membership!
New Member Registration
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Membership Terms
Article 1 Name

The official name of this association is the Kohmi Club.

Article 2 Purpose

The purpose of this association is to support the general artistic activities of Kohmi Hirose.

Article 3 Scope of Membership Terms

1. Apply the use of services provided by Kohmi Club to Kohmi Club members.
2. By applying for registration, members agree to the provisions of Membership Terms.

Article 4 Changes in Membership Terms

Kohmi Club may, at any time and without member approval, change these Membership Terms.

Article 5 Club Registration

Individuals desiring to register for Kohmi Club shall apply according to the procedures provided. After confirmation of payment of Admission Fee and Annual Membership Fee, the Kohmi Club Office shall perform necessary administrative and confirmation procedures to approve the individual in question as a member. Individuals may be rejected for membership in the event that Kohmi Club Office determines that the prospective member has provided false information and/or is not otherwise suitable for membership.

Article 6 Termination of Membership Eligibility

Kohmi Club may, without prior notice, terminate member eligibility if Kohmi Club determines that a member has committed an act falling under prohibited items, or when determined that continuing membership for such member is not appropriate. In such event, Kohmi Club is not liable to return any fees already paid.

Q & A

Is there a website for Club members?

No, the Kohmi Club does not have a website for members.

I do not have an email address. Can I still register?

Kohmi Hirose will be contacting Club members through email, providing video messages, updates, and more.
We recommend members get an email address and provide the address when registering for membership.

When will I receive my membership card?

Membership cards should arrive within one to two months after Kohmi Club registration.

When will I receive the magazine?

The magazine will be sent twice per year, in the spring and fall.

How can I confirm my membership number and remaining membership time?

This information will be provided on the label of the letter sent to you from Kohmi Club.

I want to take advantage of priority ticket reservations. How far in advance must I join Kohmi Club to be able to use this benefit?

You must be a Kohmi Club member at least two weeks prior to the start of priority ticket reservations.

How long is a Club membership?

Club membership is one year from registration date. You must renew your registration to continue to receive Club member benefits after that time.

How do I renew my registration?

A. Members paying by credit card will be renewed automatically. Please check the expiration date of the credit card used to register.
Members paying by bank transfer must send another bank transfer for annual membership fees to the following bank account by the last day of the month in which membership expires.

Bank Account Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Shibuya Branch Savings Account No. 1355376 Annual Fees: ¥4,000 *You must use the same name you used when first registering for Kohmi Club

Where can I send fan letters?

You can send fan letters, feedback on Kohmi Club, and other messages to the address below:
*Please understand that we cannot guarantee an answer to your letter.

〒150-0002 Matsunaga Building 4F 1-2-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
c/o Office Thirty Inc. Attn: Kohmi Club

Can I get another membership card if I lose mine? Will I have the same membership number?

If you lose your membership card, send an email requesting a new card to the contact email. New membership cards require a ¥500 fee. Once we receive payment, we will reissue your card. You will have the same membership number.

Can I terminate my membership? Will you return my money if I terminate my membership?

You may terminate your membership at any time; however, we cannot return your Application Fee or Annual Membership Fee, regardless of the reason for termination.

Changing registration details, membership termination, other questions, etc.

Please send an email with detailed information to the email address below

[Required Information]
Subject Line: Kohmi Club: Fan Club Question

Email Body: Please provide your name, membership number, telephone number (mobile phone or other number at which you can be reached during the day), email address, and your question/comment.

[Contact Email Address]