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July 25, 2017

F-Cord: A pain with pleasure

Kohmi Bettei 2017 Vol.10 〜Sing with a piano LIVE

◆12/2 (Sat.)Kawagoe town「AiAihole」(Mie Prefecture)
◆12/19(Tue.)Kamogawakan(Chiba Prefecture)

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I’ve started guitar lessons since about four months.
Since then, every two weeks I receive my guitar lessons, too.
But still, I have pains in my fingers.
Maybe because I practice only for 15 minutes each day?
But, I can not practice more than 15 minutes.
Because my fingers hurt, I want to stop exercising.

Two weeks ago, I had a blister on my right thumb and the pus was leaked from it.
And last week, the skin became hard and finally got peeled off.
And a soft, new skin was made on top of that skin.

But, unfortunately, once I play the guitar,
I had a blister on my right thumb again, and the pus came out again.
My thumb hurts.

I was SO sad about it.
How many times would I have this experience?

And speaking of the left-hand fingers,
these ones also hurt.
Fortunately, I can see that they are gradually getting stiff.
However, the soft part still hurts.

Especially, when I try to play the F code,
It ‘s hard to play it well, and my hand hurts when I play it.
I must practice with tears shed until I lose a sense of my fingers.
F code is the worst.

In the first place,
everyone did not tell me, even the guitar teacher, SNS,
never taught that guitar practice was painful.
If some of them would have told me about this pain,
I would have hesitated to start the guitar.

But now, I dare say.
Playing the guitar is painful.
If it so painful, the number of guitarists would not increase.
Most people may not be able to overcome this pain.

I think someone should create a method where practicing the guitars is not painful.

Although I tried to complain about it, I think some people who try to master something new may find it necessary to have some pains when doing so.

In my early childhood, my mother began playing the shamisen,
but I saw blood smeared on her hand.
Also, my father likes to play golf,
but, always has had a big blister on his palm and crushed it.
Perhaps they should have felt pains.
However, they may have been accepting all the pains
because they must have learnt that pains were essential.

Having said that, I may accept this pain now.
In exchange for this pain, I will be able to play the guitar.

Let me talk about a sound of the guitar.
The sound of the guitar is very cool.
Especially, since I play the guitar while singing songs, 
I found the guitar sound exhilarating. 

I got better guitar skills, 
I would like to be able to play lots of songs with the guitar. 

On September tour,
I’ll play the guitar with a smile
while enduring the pains on my fingers.
Please come and visit us if you have time. 
Please look forward to my guitar performance. 


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