February 11, 2017

The distributed Single CD “Romansu no Kamisama” was released on October 12. 2016.

It was hit in 1993 and Hirose Kohmi sung “Romansu no kamisama” a half tone higher than the original release. Arranged by Mr. Takao Konishi and keeping the original sound while adding new rhythm and phrases.
This version includes of “Romansu no kamisama – 16’ Remastering”, plus a new arranged version “Romansu no kamisama 2016” creating an image of the heroine’s after life of “Romansu no kamisama” as well as “Deai no kiseki o taisetsuni” and original karaoke of “Romansu no kamisama”, for a 7 songs arrangement.


【Single release CD distribute information】


Date of on sale: 12th of October 2016
Title: Romansu no kamisama

Expected song contents
01 Romansu no kamisama -16′ Remastering
02 Deai no kiseki o taisetsu ni
03 Romansu no kamisama 2016
04 Romansu no kamisama 〜with piano version〜
05 Romansu no kamisama(a cappella)
06 Romansu no kamisama(Live at NHK HALL in 2001)
07 Romansu no kamisama(Original Karaoke)

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