April 27, 2017

Ode to Raw Eggs over Rice!

Kohmi Bettei 2017 Vol.10 〜Sing with a piano LIVE

◆12/2 (Sat.)Kawagoe town「AiAihole」(Mie Prefecture)
◆12/19(Tue.)Kamogawakan(Chiba Prefecture)

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When I returned to Japan this time,
I ate tamagokake-gohan like almost every day.

Tamagokake-gohan (TKG) is a Japanese specialty:
crack a raw egg over a bowl of steaming rice,
drizzle soy sauce over it,
stir everything together, and eat it.

It’s SO good.

●No raw eggs in the US
Here in the States, though,
people just don’t eat eggs raw.
They think eggs are supposed to be cooked.
So they never eat TKG like us Japanese people.
I feel a bit sorry for them.

●Different shells, different yolks
There are many different kinds of eggs
at the grocery store in the States,
but most eggs have super thin shells and pale yolks.
In Japan, though, most eggs have thicker shells
and dark orange yolks.
The darker they are, the better they are considered.

There are many possible reasons for the difference,
like the chicken feed, the breed of the hens,
and how in Japan the farmers add some substance
to the eggs to make the yolks look darker.

I don’t know what’s true,
but I’m just surprised by how different the eggs
are in Japan and the US.

●Raw Eggs = Yucky
When I asked several of my American friends
if they’d eat eggs raw,
they all said NO!

To them raw eggs are smelly
and full of bacteria they don’t want.

●Better not to eat eggs raw in the US
I looked up online about it,
and it seems eggs in the US have
some kind of problem with the shells.

Nothing to do with the white or yolk,
but something on the shells
that’s bad for you when
you put it in your mouth.

So I got to wondering:
if I wash the shells with detergent,
can I use the eggs for TKG?

But I don’t know what to trust,
and so for now, because my American friends
don’t eat eggs raw, I don’t either… 🙁

●And that is why…
as soon as I get back to Japan,
I grab some TKG!

I love it so much, TKG!
I want you, TKG!
Miss you, TKG!

With all my RAW Love,


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