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August 2, 2017

Over The Rainbow By Eva Cassidy.

Kohmi Bettei 2017 Vol.10 〜Sing with a piano LIVE

◆12/2 (Sat.)Kawagoe town「AiAihole」(Mie Prefecture)
◆12/19(Tue.)Kamogawakan(Chiba Prefecture)

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I’ve been in Hawaii and It’s been comfortable living here.
While living here, I found out that Hawaii has a lot of charms.

One of the new charms that I found was RAINBOWS.
Did you know that Hawaii is called “The City Of The Rainbow”?
While I’m living here,
I’ve seen so many of them like almost every day.
I was wondering if It’s because of the season or the weather.

So one day, I checked it online.
Then, I found out that Hawaii is called “The City Of The Rainbow.”

Here are some reasons why there are rainbows in Hawaii.

“Trade Winds” are always blowing in Hawaii.
They are moist air from the sea, and that air hits the island.
Then the air turns into clouds.

Clouds are made of small particles,
and when they stick to each other, it becomes rain.
When sunlight comes into contact with the rain, it becomes a rainbow.

Oh really!?!?
Now I understand!
So, there are always spots where we can see rainbows.
What a lovely place.

A few days ago when I was eating dinner at a restaurant,
I found a big beautiful rainbow overhead.
At that time, I remembered, “Over the Rainbow” by Eva Cassidy.

Eva Cassidy is a singer who died young,
but she is my favorite singer.
Someday, I want to sing while playing guitar like her.
Her singing voice soothes me.

Music connects people all throughout time.
I am happy to be a musician.
Please listen to Over the Rainbow by Eva Cassidy.


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